Documentaries presented by Unknown

Astonishing 1955 Asbestos Documentary

History Presenter Unknown 1955 00:17:58 Unrated

This astonishing 1950’s Asbestos documentary shows how amazingly stupid the human race can be in light of a new discovery that at face value seems great. The 50’s...

The History of Final Fantasy

Gaming Presenter Unknown 2011 00:32:19 Unrated

In this documentary we explore the history of the famous computer game series Final Fantasy. The story begins with the formation of Square co in Japan the mid nineteen eighties, a...

The Lost Treasure of the Library of Alexandria

ArchaeologyHistory Presenter Unknown 1996 00:46:34 Unrated

Library of Alexandria documentary. The ancient library of Alexandria was the largest and most famous in all of ancient history. Within the patronage of the ptolemaic dynasty it flo...

The Creation of ISIS

SocietyWar Presenter Unknown 2014 01:13:22

Warning: Contains graphic images of war. This documentary is about the creation of ISIS, who they are and how they came to be as they are now a global idea with members located all...

Led Zeppelin - Closer To Heaven

BiographyMusic Presenter Unknown 2007 01:02:55 Unrated

A documentary profile of the world renowned rock god's; Led Zepplin were an English rock band who formed in 1968 and in the 12 years bettween 68' and 80 they made some of t...

UKs Scariest Debt Collector

CrimeBiographySociety Presenter Unknown 2013 00:35:07

This documentary is about Shaun Smith, an ex- law enforcer of one of the largest crime families in the city of Liverpool. During this time he was in a war against rival gangs...

BBC Horizon - Are Video Games Really that bad?

The gaming industry is massive across the world, with more than 1.2 billion estimated to by playing right now. With such a popular industry there was always going to be some contro...

Cosmic monsters

MysteryScienceSpace Presenter Unknown 2009 01:23:28

Cosmic Monsters: Exploring the most brizarre phenominon that we currently know of in the cosmos. the black hole. There are potentially thousands of them in the Milky way galaxy alo...