Vegucated - documentary

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Vegucated is a 2011 food and drinks documentary film which follows a group of three New Yorkers who take up the challenge of adopting a Vegan diet.


For six weeks they will give up their love for steak, cheese and burgers to find out what the vegan craze is all about. This won't be an easy challenge because a veggie diet does not have any, meat or dairy products at all... or will it be?


The idea that most people have of "Vegucated" folk is they are a part of some kind of cult. This documentary reveals that nothing could be further from the true and that a vegan diet can be very tasty and healthy. They also find out more information about the extreme cruelty of animals at the hands of large meat corporations which is just one factor to consider among many when deciding to become a vegan.


Yes, the Vegucated documentary film takes a pragmatic approach to see what it would actually be like to cut all animal products from your food. It also highlights the importance of understanding where your food comes from and what responsibility you may have in the supply/demand equation, a subject that the 2005 Earthlings documentary starring Joaquin Phoenix also explores but more from the supply end.

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