Jack the Ripper : Prime Suspect - documentary

Jack the Ripper : Prime Suspect
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The identity of Britain's most notorious serial killer, Jack The Ripper has fascinated crime enthusiast for years. Over the years the finger has been pointed at a number of people including a Russian con artist, a Polish Barber, an Irish American doctor and even the eldest son of Edward VIII.


Now the story takes us to Australia where there has been a new development. In a laboratory on the other side of the world forensic scientists have attempted to match the DNA of Australia first serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming to that of Jack The Ripper. Frederick Bailey Deeming was executed in 1982 after he was convicted for the murder of his second wife and after a later investigation it was found he has killed a number of people in his home country.


In a recent experiment an Australian laboratory was able to extract DNA from the skull. If this DNA can be linked to the crimes it will finally close the mystery of Jack The Ripper.     

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Dennis Cometti
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Dean 2018-03-05 17:39:42

Frederick Bailey Deeming was executed in 1892 not 1982 as stated in the description.


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