Are You Good or Evil? - documentary

Are You Good or Evil?
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In this documentary BBC horizon asks the simple yet deep question, are you good evil? It’s something that on face value can be answered easily but it is only with science that the answer is finally being unlocked.  Of course the first place to start when determining whether one is really a “psychopath” you must find the people in society are considered by the law to be one. As a result scientists are often in prisons studying serial killers and comparing their brain activities in certain situations to other peoples, and their finding have been rather scary as exposed in the 2011 documentary presented by Bernard Hill.


Professor Fallon is one scientists who puts himself under study to help find some physical evidence behind the theories in the documentary. However, he is surprised to find that by regular standards he would in fact would have been profiled as a killer even though he certainly isn’t one. 

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