All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - documentary

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
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A documentary mini series by Adam Curtis which shows that machines have inhabited the human world. As we surf the internet and send text messages it is easy to forget that we are rather quickly becoming a species which views the world through the technology that we have built even though most people have not even contemplated this yet. This page contains all of the episodes in All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace series which are as follows:


Episode 1 – Love and Power. Back in the early 90’s the internet was still a rather romantic idea that many believed could one day bring a new form of stability to the world. The world would become free of the old dogma of capitalism and a new global form of capitalism would be made as ridding the world of political powers. of course this did not happen exactly as people saw it back then but the internet has certainly changed the way in which politics works.


Episode 2 – The Use and Abuse of Vegetational Concepts. This documentary explores machine thinking systems like cybernetic systems which are applied to eco-systems. This idea can be applied to the human brain making it not one standalone device but rather a interconnected ecosystem of human brains which work to regulate society, much like a machine would manage the components that are attached to it.


Episode 3 -  The Monkey in the Machine and the Machine in the Monkey. The third and final episode in the series focuses of the selfish gene theory which was developed by William Hamilton. This theory says that all human beings are machines that are essentially controlled by genes and when you look at how society works and war you see this theory in action because different people have different views of the world.




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