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Sharkwater "The Truth Will Surface" is a 2006 documentary created to help save sharks by advocating a ban on Canadian shark fin imports, written and directed by Rob Stewart.


The documentary shows sharks in their natural habits using underwater photography, shedding a different perception on the most feared predator in the sea. The idea is that people do not care too much about sharks because they are seen only as a menace, as a result, industries dedicated to killing them for food and trophies have not been regulated anywhere near as stringently as they should.


In reality sharks are not a predator of humans, in fact, 99% of the time they are our prey. When you take that into account, the importance of sharks in ecosystems and their dwindling numbers it's easy to see why more conservation work needs to be done for them. This is the main goal of Sharkwater.


There is a petition set up by Canadian Kaley Fitzsimmons to the Canadian House of Commons supporting Bill S-238 which will ban the import of shark fins into Canada. You can find it here.


Please sign it because there are only a few hundred signatures off their goal of 50,000. 

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