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Who Were the Greeks?
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Who were the Greeks? This two-part documentary series presented by Dr Michael Scott investigates the past of this amazing ancient civilisation and how it’s legacy is very much still alive today. The history of these people starts around 2,500 years ago on the mainland of Greece which was to become one of the most important places in the ancient world. The Greeks quickly became great thinkers, actors, writers, architects and warriors which would in effect make them the most powerful nation in the world. They called themselves the Hellenes and their land “Hellas” and the name “Greek” was given to the people by the Romans, at the height of the empire they had colonised, France, Turkey, North Africa and Italy. Of course when they were in charge over conquered lands the ideas and skills from mainland Greece also came with them and as a result, many of the ways of life in those countries today has been shaped by Greek culture. It’s amazing to think that democracy, language, literature and sport as we know it today was given to us by the Greeks. 

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