2001 documentaries

Ray Mears Extreme Survival - Desert Island Survival

Environment Presenter ray mears 2001 00:29:15

Ray Mears is deserted on a desert island in the South Pacific. What should you do upon being shipwrecked on an uninhabited island? Ray Mears explains a number of techniques that yo...

Dogtown and Z-Boys

Sport Presenter Sean Penn 2001 00:55:31

  Dogtown and Z-Boys. A documentary which takes us to the origins of skateboarding as we know it today through the eyes of a group of Californian surfers. In the 1960&...

U-234-Hitlers Last U-Boat

War Presenter D.M. Williamson 2001 01:24:27

Originally built as a mine layer in 1940, U-234 was a submarine which was the largest of its class with a hull length of 90 meters. Her first and only mission was handed directly f...

Minute by Minute: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens

Environment Presenter Peter Demed 2001 00:45:42

A documentary about the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. This film runs through the lives of eye witness and the key events leading up to the tremendous volcanic eruption...

Fidel Castro: The Untold Story

History Presenter Fidel Castro 2001 01:31:41 Unrated

Documentary about Fidel Castro. How much should we pay for "free" speech? Does personal freedom equate to personal happiness? Is Democracy just another word for ramp...

Five Steps to Tyranny

War Presenter Sheena McDonald 2001 00:59:19 Unrated

Five Steps to Tyranny documentary from 2001. The film explores the ideas behind tyranny and genocide, something that seems to have plagued the human race since the beginning. What...

The New Rulers of the World

Activism Presenter John Pilger 2001 00:53:00 Unrated

  John Pilger takes a look at the global economy and shows that divisions between the rich and the poor are greater than ever. This documentary was made in 2001 a...

Walking with Beasts

Animal Presenter Kenneth Branagh 2001 00:30:00 Unrated

  A revolutionary series that was a follow up to the landmark BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs. These documentaries take us into the world of the Cenozoic era which i...

Freedom Downtime: The Kevin Mitnick Story

biography Presenter Kevin Mitnick 2001 02:01:46 Unrated

  This is the story of Kevin Mitnick, ex-hacker, author and computer security consultant who is known for his famous 1995 computer crimes arrest and subsequent jailing...