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Revolution OS
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Revolution OS, directed by J. T. S. Moore takes a look back over the last twenty years of the open source operating systems Linux and GNU and how they came to lead the charge in this software revolution.


When we say “revolution” these platforms have never been anywhere near as popular as Windows or Mac OS; rather than being adopted by the general public, they have an absolutely dedicated following of geeks around the world. Not only that, people like Linux and GNU because they are not “closed software” meaning all development is done by the community.


This ethic of giving without demanding anything back from the user is the core story told in Moore’s 2001 documentary “Revolution OS”. It all begins way back in 1978 when computer hobbyists were sent a letter from no other than the king of Software and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates who told them to pay for any software they were using. Obviously, they were infuriated and decided to set up their own OS which would become GNU and the rest is history as explained in this documentary film.


Revolution OS is now 18 years old and in tech-time, you may as well be talking about the beginning of the universe, despite that, it remains one of the most renowned documentaries on the subject.

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