Waking Life - documentary

Waking Life
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Waking Life is a 2002 docu-animation film discussing deep meanings concerning the universe, created by American director Richard Linklater (School of Rock, Boyhood).


Using real footage with actors which was then painstakingly rotoscoped from digital to a special animated effect. This was one of the first documentaries to use this technique to create a dream-like impression which adds to the narrative of a young man who is living in an ethereal existence; a dream. In his dreams, he attempts to find out the difference between the dream world and the one in which he is awake. Along the journey, he meets people and has philosophical conversations about the meaning of reality.


The documentary Walking life asks questions such as; what are dreams? Are they actually reality or an escape from it? Can we control a dream? What do they tell us about life and death? Most documentary films would try and answer these questions objectively, however, Walking Life does not attempt to come to a logical conclusion as it allows you to answer them for yourself, much like a fantasy novel.

Art, Mystery

Richard Linklater
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