U-234-Hitlers Last U-Boat - documentary

U-234-Hitlers Last U-Boat
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Originally built as a mine layer in 1940, U-234 was a submarine which was the largest of its class with a hull length of 90 meters. Her first and only mission was handed directly from Hitler in 1945 to deliver enriched uranium and all of the secrets and technology that Germany possessed over to the Japanese which at the time were an ally.


U-234 sailed from Kristiansand in Norway, one of the few remaining ports controlled by Germany on March 25th 1945 on its top secret mission. On board were two Japanese Naval officers a 10 German personal of which included scientists and civil engineers who were capable of constructing the Messerschmitt Me 262 which was flat packed on board the vessel along with detail schematics. 



This documentary explores what happened aboard the last of the German U-boats, which technically speaking became neutral halfway through its mission.

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D.M. Williamson
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