Gangland: Turf Wars

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About the Gangland: Turf Wars documentary

Presenter Channel 5 Category Crime Year 2016 Watch time 00:47:00

WARNING – Contains graphic concealment of drugs and violence.


“Gangland turf wars” is the first episode in a two-part documentary series produced by Channel 5, first released on September 1st, 2016. Film makers have been given unprecedented access to some of the most notorious gangs in London to build a picture of what it is like to live in a gang. The film shows the harsh reality of living in Gangland and how it has effected the people who are living in it.


Gangland: Turf Wars contains violence and scenes of crime and violence.




skibbalol 1 year ago

shit cod is fucking shit



Sedomr 1 year ago

How do I watch the full doc?



LZEE 1 year ago

Full doc:



Mike 1 year ago

no full documentary is here


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