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World War 1 in Colour
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A World War 1 documentary narrated by Northern Irish Actor Kenneth Branagh that shows the awful events of The Great War like never before. This 2003 BBC production is split into six parts comprising of computer-enhanced and colourised footage from the era which shows the development of the warfare from both sides.


On top of bringing century-old film footage back to life, World War one in colour also features never before seen interviews with people who actually survived one of the worst conflicts in human history. There are a number of world war 1 documentaries out there but this series brings a new sheen of realism to something which now seems like ancient history. Some of the highlights of the documentary include an interview with British Army veteran Harry Patch who was Britains last survivor of the trenches who died aged 111 in 2009. And with Hubert Williams (1895–2002) who was the last pilot from the Royal flying corps. There insights into what WW1 and the colour footage provide a portal back to 1917 during some of the bloodiest battles ever. 

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