The Gatekeepers - documentary

The Gatekeepers
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The Gatekeeps is a 2012 documentary film by Israeli director Dror Moreh about the Israel Security Agency Shin Bet (שירות הביטחון הכללי).


Moreh said that he was inspired to make this documentary while watching the popular "The Fog of War" about the life of former US secretary of Defense, Robert s. McNamara. He realised how much of a huge impact Shin Bet had played in the background for over 40 years protecting Israel by providing vital evidence and conducting counter-terrorism operations.


The first major hurdle Dror faced was actually getting the "gatekeepers" to agree to be filmed discussing their experience while working as chief of staff at Shin Bet. The ISA plays a similar role to the British MI5 and the American FBI so none of the gatekeeps had actually appeared on camera before and the information they gave out had to be limited as much of what they know is still sensitive and classified. There is also a book available as well as this documentary.

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