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Hunting Hitler Season 3
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Hunting Hitler Season 3 is the latest 2018 documentary series narrated by Dave Hoffman which examines many of the conspiracies surrounding the death of Adolf Hilter in 1945.


As the Allied armies closed in on the führer bunker in the heart of Berlin, Hilter and his propaganda minister made the decision to take their own lives rather than be captured (Goebbels shockingly killed his young family too). The entire basis of "Hunting Hitler" is that he didn't die in the bunker but actually escaped out of Germany. Many wanted Nazi's fled to South America and it is theorised that Hilter went there also.


This documentary series follows the trail of breadcrumbs, which start at the führer bunker where no remains of Hitler's body were found. The film also uses information published in a declassified 1947 FBI report within which the organisation showed concerns of not knowing whether Hitler had indeed been killed or not as well as other experts.


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