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germany Documentaries

Free to Play

2014 Unrated

The 2014 Free to Play documentary film produced by video game company Valve follows three gamers as they compete for a life-changing prize: $1,000,000.   The film takes a close look at the lives of Benedict "hyhy" Lim, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin and Clinton "Fear"[...]


2011 Unrated

The 2011 Pina documentary by German filmmaker Wim Wenders pays tribute to the famous choreographer, Pina Bausch.   Since the 1970's Bausch is considered to be one of the most influential figures in modern ballet and dance choreography. "Pina" celebrates her artistic style by[...]

Hunting Hitler Season 2

2016 Unrated

Hunting Hitler Season 2, is a 2016 documentary that continues to build on evidence that was presented in Hunting Hitler Season 1.   This documentary series which is presented by American writer Dave Hoffman looks into evidence supporting theories that suggest Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did[...]

Why We Fight

2005 Unrated

Why We Fight, a 2005 historical war documentary by Eugene Jarecki about the US military-industrial complex, and western foreign policies over the last 50 years.   The title of the film refers to a series of seven propaganda movies made by the United States during World War 2 with the same[...]

World War II In Colour


World War II In Colour is an epic thirteen-part war documentary series covering the 20th centuries second greatest war in high quality remastered footage.   All of the episodes in this series are narrated by English actor Robert Powell (The Italian Job - 1969), who opens with an explanati[...]

Land of Silence and Darkness

1971 Unrated

Land of Silence and Darkness (original title: Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit) is a 1971 documentary by the German filmmaker Werner Herzog which asks deaf-blind people about their experience of life.   The film centres around Fini Straubinger who lost both her eyesight and hearing[...]

Night and Fog

1955 Unrated

Night and Fog, a 1955 documentary about the Nazi concentration camps by French director, Alain Resnais. The film was made ten years after the camps were shut down and features a lot of footage of their grounds interlaced with people talking about what it was like to survive them.   The ti[...]

After Auschwitz

2014 Unrated

The 2014 history documentary After Auschwitz by British documentary Filmmaker Kat Mace highlights the importance of remembering the horrors of the Nazi death machine in today's modern society.   For while we have moved on in many ways, there is still an enormous amount of discriminati[...]

Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East

2011 Unrated

Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East, a 2011 war documentary series which covers many of the battles fought by the Soviet Union against the German army during the Second World War.   This starts in June 1941 when the German army invaded the USSR under a campaign codenamed "Operation Barbaro[...]

Hunting Hitler Season 3


Hunting Hitler Season 3 is the latest 2018 documentary series narrated by Dave Hoffman which examines many of the conspiracies surrounding the death of Adolf Hilter in 1945.   As the Allied armies closed in on the führer bunker in the heart of Berlin, Hilter and his propaganda m[...]

Apocalypse: The Second World War

2009 Unrated

Apocalypse: The Second World War, is a French-made war documentary series hosted by Mathieu Kassovitz which takes us through 6 significant stages before and during WW2.   This film comprises completely of historic archive footage from French citizens, resistance fighters, soldiers and war[...]

Little Dieter Needs to Fly


  Little Dieter Needs to Fly, a 1997 biographical war documentary by World-renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog which centres around German-American Naval piolet Dieter Dengler who talks about experiences during the Vietnam war.   During his tour, Dengler was shot down by an anti-airc[...]

Hitler in Colour


Hitler in Colour, a 2005 documentary film narrated by Scottish actor Brian Denis Cox (X-men 2) which comprises almost all known colour footage of Adolf Hilter in the rise of the Nazi party and during World War 2.   The result is a documentary which provides a 12-year account of Germany un[...]

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler - The Fuhrer


  The second part of the 2011 war documentary Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler we take a look at when Hilter actually became "The Fuhrer".   As German economy fell apart in the early 1930's, the Nazi part surged in popularity across the country. In 1933 Hilter became c[...]

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler - Becoming Hitler

2011 Unrated

  Becoming Hitler is part one of a two-part 2011 war documentary "The Rise of Hitler" presented by English voice-over actor Richard Lintern. The Fuhrer of the Nazi Third Reich needs no introduction for his crimes against humanity are some of the most documented of all time. &nbs[...]

Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will)

1935 Unrated

Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will) is the infamous 1935 propaganda film approved by Hilter to show the might of the Nazi party.   The film was shot by German actress and documentary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl and depicts a National socialist rally in the city of Nuremberg over the[...]

Tito's Murder Squads

2014 Unrated

  Tito's Murder Squads directed by Philipp Grüll, Frank Hofmann is an eye-opening account of the killing of Yugoslav Exiles in Germany. More than 30 opponents of the Yugoslav regime were killed in the years before the fall of the Berlin wall. It took decades for the G[...]

JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick

2014 Unrated

  JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick tells a story of western history like you have never heard before.   Writer Francis Richard Conolly created and narrated this documentary which explains how we came to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, an ev[...]

Hunting Hitler Season 1


Hunting Hilter is a 2015 documentary series which focuses on investigating certain conspiracy theories surrounding the demise of the führer of Germany Adolf Hitler. In the closing stages of World War 2, Hitler besieged himself in an underground government bunker in the Heart of B[...]

The Nazis: A Warning from History


The Nazis: A Warning from History is a 1997 series examining the story of Adolf Hitler, the national socialists and their rise to power, supreme reign and fall. This landmark series written by Laurence Rees is one of the most in-depth nazi documentary programs ever made featuring many inte[...]

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