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Nazi Collaborators
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Nazi Collaborators, a 13-part war documentary series hosted by Alastair Simpson which tells the stories of some of those who collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War 2.


Many, many people, companies and other groups decided to collaborate with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime leading-up-to and during the Second World War. In fact, the list is so enormous that if you tried to make a documentary covering the all significant ones it would most likely never be finished. This documentary includes several of the most prominent collaborators including the IRA, Vidkun Quisling, Pierre Laval, Chaim Rumkowski and a number of groups of people including Jews who fought for Hitler.

It is really surprising to think about how far of a political grasp Hitler and the Nazis had outside of Germany despite their strong and blatant fascism. To tell the story, this documentary relies on more than 4000 hours of archive footage as well as from interviews with survivors of the Ghettos and military personnel.

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