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Feldzug in Polen (Campaign in Poland)


Feldzug in Polen (Campaign in Poland) is a 1940 NAZI war propaganda documentary about the invasion and occupation of Poland by the German army in 1939. The film was made by German filmmaker Fritz Hippler, who was head of the film production department of Propaganda Ministry of the Third Reich, under[...]

Hitler's Secret Science

2010 Unrated

Hitlers Secret Science is a 45 minute long 2010 documentary about the huge teams of leading scientists which were working for Nazi Germany in their quest to develop the devastating weapons they needed to win them the Second World War, they had even made progress towards developing an atomic bomb. By[...]

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told


Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told, a marathon 6-hour-long documentary by Dennis Wise providing a full biographical account of Hitler's life.   There are many documentary films that have examined Hitler's role as ruler of the Third Reich such as Hitler in Colour. When it[...]

Hunting Hitler Season 2


Hunting Hitler Season 2, is a 2016 documentary that continues to build on evidence that was presented in Hunting Hitler Season 1.   This documentary series which is presented by American writer Dave Hoffman looks into evidence supporting theories that suggest Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did[...]

Night and Fog


Night and Fog, a 1955 documentary about the Nazi concentration camps by French director, Alain Resnais. The film was made ten years after the camps were shut down and features a lot of footage of their grounds interlaced with people talking about what it was like to survive them.   The ti[...]

After Auschwitz

2014 Unrated

The 2014 history documentary After Auschwitz by British documentary Filmmaker Kat Mace highlights the importance of remembering the horrors of the Nazi death machine in today's modern society.   For while we have moved on in many ways, there is still an enormous amount of discriminati[...]

Hunting Hitler Season 3


Hunting Hitler Season 3 is the latest 2018 documentary series narrated by Dave Hoffman which examines many of the conspiracies surrounding the death of Adolf Hilter in 1945.   As the Allied armies closed in on the führer bunker in the heart of Berlin, Hilter and his propaganda m[...]

Hitler in Colour


Hitler in Colour, a 2005 documentary film narrated by Scottish actor Brian Denis Cox (X-men 2) which comprises almost all known colour footage of Adolf Hilter in the rise of the Nazi party and during World War 2.   The result is a documentary which provides a 12-year account of Germany un[...]

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler - The Fuhrer


  The second part of the 2011 war documentary Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler we take a look at when Hilter actually became "The Fuhrer".   As German economy fell apart in the early 1930's, the Nazi part surged in popularity across the country. In 1933 Hilter became c[...]

Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler - Becoming Hitler


  Becoming Hitler is part one of a two-part 2011 war documentary "The Rise of Hitler" presented by English voice-over actor Richard Lintern. The Fuhrer of the Nazi Third Reich needs no introduction for his crimes against humanity are some of the most documented of all time. &nbs[...]

Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will)

1935 Unrated

Triumph Des Willens (Triumph of the Will) is the infamous 1935 propaganda film approved by Hilter to show the might of the Nazi party.   The film was shot by German actress and documentary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl and depicts a National socialist rally in the city of Nuremberg over the[...]

You dont know Hitler

2006 Unrated

Intro by director James K. Lambert: This is the final version of my Masters Thesis film, a documentary about Nazi Germany composed mostly from propaganda footage. I chose the title to reflect the fact that so many people today call their political opponents, "a Hitler" or "N[...]

The Nazis: A Warning from History


The Nazis: A Warning from History is a 1997 series examining the story of Adolf Hitler, the national socialists and their rise to power, supreme reign and fall. This landmark series written by Laurence Rees is one of the most in-depth nazi documentary programs ever made featuring many inte[...]

The Great War


  The The Great War documentary. The assassination of Austria-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28th June 1914 marked the beginning of World war 1 which was fought between Great Britain, Russia, Italy, France, Japan, Romania and The United States on the Allied side and Germany, Aust[...]

Revealed: The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists


The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists documentary looks into how the Allied forces of Russia, The United States and England were trying to obtain scientific knowledge from Germany in the later days of world war 2. The crumbling German army meant that the only way Hitler stood a real chance of winning back[...]

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy


NAZIs: The Occult Conspiracy explores the dark and mysterious beliefs of top ranking NAZI party members from Rudolph Hess to Himmler to the Fuhrer himself, Adolf hitler. In their minds the power of occult knowledge would bring back the arian race that the nordic people once were and allow them to wi[...]

World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay


How Britain defended itself against the might of the NAZI regime. It was assumed that sooner or later Britain would surrender to Germany primarily because of the attacks led by the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring. In 1940 the Luftwaffe had a massive air superiority over the British. On Au[...]

Building Hitlers Supergun


Building Hitlers Supergun: During the height of the second world war NAZI Germany had occupied most of western Europe. The only country that stood in its way was the United Kingdom which was something Hitler desperately wanted to change. After relentless bombing of strategic military targets such as[...]

Hitlers Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History


During his rein as Führer of Germany Hitler represented himself as a supreme leader and war lord with a god like presence. As the leader of the so called “master race” the people of Germany for the most part genuinely believed that he was a divine figure. However behind closed doors[...]

Adolf Hitler - Nazi rise to power


Looking into the rise of the NAZI superpower. This documentary explores the early life of Hitler, through mein kampf until his promotion of becoming the Führer of Germany in 1934 and the subsequent events following.

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