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Hunting Hitler Season 1
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Hunting Hilter is a 2015 documentary series which focuses on investigating certain conspiracy theories surrounding the demise of the führer of Germany Adolf Hitler. In the closing stages of World War 2, Hitler besieged himself in an underground government bunker in the Heart of Berlin commonly known as “the führer bunker” and refused to leave despite the Allied forces being just miles away. Historically this was due to his immense patriotism and Berlin being symbolic of the German Third Reich.


If the city was to fall into enemy hands ww2 was lost in Hitler's eyes and he would no longer conduct it from any other location. Even though Germany could have continued fighting; Berlin was an important city but many industrial cities had not capitulated yet. In any case, Germany and the Nazi party were in a big problem in 1945 and the regime had practically fallen apart. 


So the decision was made to kill himself along with his wife who he had married only hours ago and disposed of the bodies by burning them. This was to prevent Hilters body being discovered and paraded around the streets of Berlin, something he reportedly feared as the same thing had happened to fellow fascist Italian leader Mussolini only weeks before.


This “Hunting Hitler” documentary explores evidence that in fact, Hitler did not take his own life on April 30th, 1945. The conspiracies say he managed to get out of the city and escaped Germany to South America where he lived for years. A controversial series which uses declassified documents to back up claims that the story of Adolf Hitler did not end with the collapse of his Nazi regime.

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