Hitlers Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History - documentary

Hitlers Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History
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During his rein as Führer of Germany Hitler represented himself as a supreme leader and war lord with a god like presence. As the leader of the so called “master race” the people of Germany for the most part genuinely believed that he was a divine figure. However behind closed doors, especially in the closing days of world war 2 Adolf Hitler was becoming increasingly reliant on a cocktail of upper and downer drugs which were prescribed to him on a daily basis by his doctor, Theodor Morell.

His drug habit was a closely guarded secret within the NAZI ranks which progressively became worse as Theodor Morell put together stronger and stronger mixes of drugs which reportedly amounted to 80 a day. Hilter took everything from rat poison, amphetamines, morphine, cocaine to bull semen

Ewan Bailey
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