Hitler's Secret Science - documentary

Hitler's Secret Science
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Hitlers Secret Science is a 45 minute long 2010 documentary about the huge teams of leading scientists which were working for Nazi Germany in their quest to develop the devastating weapons they needed to win them the Second World War, they had even made progress towards developing an atomic bomb. By the time the war had finished the Germans had achieved numerous technological firsts and Nazi discoveries which remain the basis for many modern day aircraft and spacecraft, and they had developed the worlds first cruise missile.


Towards the end of the war, when the Germans had been significantly weakened, Hitler had still hoped that he could turn the tide in his favour using state of the art technology in the form of deadly new weapons. After the war had finished US agents discovered an atomic reactor in a stone cellar and uranium cubes hidden in a nearby field, Germany had been close to finding out how to unlock the secret of nuclear fission. If they had won the race to create a viable nuclear missile then perhaps they would have used them to attack Britain and America and win the war.

Tony Call
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