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Let's Get Lost


  Let's Get Lost is a 1988 biographical documentary about the famous jazz musician and trumpet player Chet Baker by director Bruce Weber.   The film was released several months after Chet's untimely death at the age of 59. Chet had a breakthrough with the Gerry Mulligan Qu[...]

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street

2000 Unrated

  Director Steven Okazak takes us onto the streets of San Francisco, California in the 2000 documentary film Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street to follow the lives of addicts.   It's a harrowing journey and shows the drug-related degradation of five youths (Jake, Tra[...]

Some Kind of Monster


Some Kind of Monster, a 2004 documentary about the heavy metal band Metallica. Metallica was formed in Los Angels in 1981 when the drummer Las Ulrich posted an advert in a local news paper looking for a front man and a guitarist to which James Heftield replied. More than 30 years later they are stil[...]

Drugs Map of Britain - 3. Scotland: Valium Crisis


Drugs Map of Britain - 3. Scotland: Valium Crisis, the third episode in the hard hitting documentary series produced by the BBC. In this film we travel up to Scotland to investigate the Valium pandemic where three quarters of all drug related deaths involve this drug. Valium or as it is sometim[...]

Drugs Map of Britain - 2. Manchester: Heroin Haters

2016 Unrated

Drugs Map of Britain episode two - Manchester: Heroin Haters. In this documentary we meet a group of men who see that violence is the solution to the growing number of people who are using Heroin in Manchester, England. In the documentary we see how they feel that the people who leave[...]

Drugs Map of Britain - 1. Wolverhampton: Getting Off Mamba


WARNING – Contains mamba heads.    Drugs Map of Britain episode 1. A new series produced by the BBC giving a hard hitting new look at the drugs scene in great Britain. In this documentary we visit the people who are getting high on the legal high “Mamba&rdq[...]

Heroin: Cape Cod (preview)


Heroin: Cape Cod: A documentary about Heroin use in the United States. heroin is one of the most addictive and deadly drugs in the world and it’s use is becoming more and more wide spread in the US with overdose deaths quadrupling in 2014 compared to what they were in 2001. The film focuses sp[...]

Hitlers Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History


During his rein as Führer of Germany Hitler represented himself as a supreme leader and war lord with a god like presence. As the leader of the so called “master race” the people of Germany for the most part genuinely believed that he was a divine figure. However behind closed doors[...]

Russell Brand - End the Drugs War


Russell Brand wants the war on drugs to end. In this documentary he explores how countries who have taken a differnt approach to drug problems have fared and  how their new policies have made a differnt impact to the ones currently enforced in counties such as the united Kingdom. Russel also[...]

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