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Heroin: Cape Cod
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Heroin: Cape Cod: A documentary about Heroin use in the United States. heroin is one of the most addictive and deadly drugs in the world and it’s use is becoming more and more wide spread in the US with overdose deaths quadrupling in 2014 compared to what they were in 2001. The film focuses specifically on the area of Cape Cod where police records show 85% of total crimes are opiate-related.  


Cape Cod is a typical idyllic community in the state of Massachusetts, a state which see’s on average 4 heroin related deaths everyday. Academy Award-winning Steven Okazaki investigates why in a 1st world nation people are turning to such a deadly drug. One major factor explored in the documentary is gateway drugs, such as illegally obtained prescription medication and marijuana. Marijuana is being legalised in more and more states making discussion surrounding the topic a highly critical issue. One important factor to take into account is that Mexican drug cartels are selling cheap and potent heroin to people to make up for lost profits in cannabis sales.


This uninspiring documentary follows eight 20 some-things who are addicted to the drug. All of them live in Cape Cod, a place which has been torn apart by crimes induced by heroinistic lifestyles and in fact statistically if you do not have a job there you are probably going to be on heroin. The problem is effecting every ones lives in the area. “Heroin: Cape Cod” investigates what might be causing people to start using such a powerful narcotic when they are fully aware of the dangers?

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uber 2016-03-30 20:21:16

Wow these people are pretty depressed.


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