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Some Kind of Monster
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Some Kind of Monster, a 2004 documentary about the heavy metal band Metallica. Metallica was formed in Los Angels in 1981 when the drummer Las Ulrich posted an advert in a local news paper looking for a front man and a guitarist to which James Heftield replied. More than 30 years later they are still together and rocking hard however the bands line-up has changed a few times over the years; currently Metallica consists of, Drummer Las Ulrich, Guitarist’s James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett and bass player Robert Trujillo. Former members include guitarist Dave Mustaine who left after a disagreement in the bands early days and later went on to form the successful metal band “Meggadeath”. After years of hard work Metallica have sold an impressive 110 million records world-wide making them not only one of the most successful metal groups in the world but one of the most commercially successful acts of all time. 


Metallica have made many successful albums over the years, the documentary movie Some Kind of Monster focuses on the St. Anger era which was a time when the band was in deep turmoil because of addiction, fan rejection of new music and line up changes. James Heftield has been interviewed about the movie and ten years on he has been quoted saying he still finds the documentary hard to watch. 


The Film produced by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, examines the tough period of the bands career as their bassist Jason Newsted and James leaves the band forcing the remaining members to contemplate Metallica’s future. Dave Mustaine appears in the movie and is confronted for the first time by Las Ulrich who also talks in details about the past of Metallica and the power struggle within it.


The Some Kind of Monster documentary was received well by critics as it was released at the Sundance film festival on 24th January 2004. Generally the critical rating of the documentary agrees with the idea that it gives a unique and in-depth insight into the world famous and most successful rock band of all time…

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