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Let's Get Lost
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Let's Get Lost is a 1988 biographical documentary about the famous jazz musician and trumpet player Chet Baker by director Bruce Weber.


The film was released several months after Chet's untimely death at the age of 59. Chet had a breakthrough with the Gerry Mulligan Quartet in the early 1950's and while being one of the few successful musicians of the time had terrible problems with drug addiction throughout his career which not only stunted his musical work but would ultimately lead to his death.


On May 13th, 1998 Chet was found dead on an Amsterdam street with serious head wounds to his head which were most likely caused by falling out of his hotel room window above. In the hotel room, police found copious amounts of cocaine and heroin; a toxicology report would later reveal that he was under the influence before dying.


More than just looking at the negative aspects of Chet's life, Let's Get Lost looks at his whole life through interviews with close friends and family which paints a picture of who this man really was.

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