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Revealed: The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists


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The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists documentary looks into how the Allied forces of Russia, The United States and England were trying to obtain scientific knowledge from Germany in the later days of world war 2. The crumbling German army meant that the only way Hitler stood a real chance of winning back the war was to use ultra advanced technologies that would be effective in a numbers game, however these took took years to develop and in the mean time the allies were planning to send in covert operations to try and steal these most highly prized secrets which could literally mean the difference between winning and loosing the war.


The so called “wonder weapons” were of great concern to the allies as they only really had knowledge of a couple of them; The V1 rocket which was used to bomb London. The other was Hitlers bomb development program which would later turn out to be the atomic bomb. Aside from that there was little knowledge about the secret weapons being developed and where it was possessed it was sketchy to say the least; Hitler was ruthless and desperate to turn the tide of war so the weapons could have brutal consequences. The documentary about finding Hitlers scientists shows how important it was to both capture the scientists and / or stop their development.

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janelee1 year ago

very good documentary