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cover image for documentary Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves online
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Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves


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Update: Gravitational waves have now been unequivocally confirmed! Onwards and upwards!


The big bang theory describes the universe that we live in a matter of seconds after the “bang”. Despite its name the big bang theory tells us nothing about the bang itself, which is where the theory of inflation comes in. The theory of inflation takes the universe back to when it was less than a billionth of the size of an atom in width until it was practically the size it is today making the theory the “connecting dot” in understanding the creation of the universe.


To prove this theory scientists are looking for gravitational waves from the beginning of time which can in theory allow us to look further back in time than other methods such as traditional telescopes. The only problem is that nobody has seen a gravitational wave. This documentary takes us to the south pole to follow the people working on this great conundrum.

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jasonf1 year ago

What the documentary doesn't go into detail about is the guy that say's on the bottom of the planet alone for a guaranteed 9 months. Its like the shining on another level!



martian1 year ago

Ok, what should i do for the next 9 month?



hui11 year ago




john1 year ago

If it were me i would be experimenting with new long exposure photography techniques all the time. Being alone there would be awesome.