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John Howard


( John Howard )

I like watching science documentaries, developing web applications and photography.

Comment activity

  • Unfortunately the proper (British) version of the film has been erased from the face of the internet so we can only see the American edit of it. Such a shame though it is pretty much the same doc only missing it's originality.onWhich Universe Are We In?10 months ago
  • Agreed, they are always given a lot of stick while other companies that are doing much worse get away scot free..onMcLibel1 year ago
  • The presenter is clearly bias against the gangs but there is a fair representation of what is going on.onGangs of El Salvador1 year ago
  • If it were me i would be experimenting with new long exposure photography techniques all the time. Being alone there would be awesome.onAftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves1 year ago