Building Hitlers Supergun - documentary

Building Hitlers Supergun
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Building Hitlers Supergun: During the height of the second world war NAZI Germany had occupied most of western Europe. The only country that stood in its way was the United Kingdom which was something Hitler desperately wanted to change. After relentless bombing of strategic military targets such as Coventry and Manchester it was quickly realized that air strikes were not working as desired so Hitler decided to start a barrage of artillery fire on the city of London. The targets were not military however; they targeted the soft civilian targets from a mere 30 miles away in France. 


A thirty mile firing range was not enough for Hitler so he approved plans to create a supergun which could fire up to 100 miles. This documentary explores what little we know about this super weapon (codenamed the V3) and unveils the secrets behind its awesome range. 

Jim Carter
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