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Ultimate Guide: Dolphin
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Ultimate guide: Dolphin documentary. Dolphins are a diverse group of marine mammals dissimilar to whales and porpoises but grouped as paraphyletic. Currently there are 40 known species of this animal and it’s closest determined relative is the hippopotamus having separated ways around 40 million years ago. The Dolphin adult typically measures up to 1.7 meters in length and weighs around 50 kilograms however some species are slightly larger, for example Maui dolphins can measure up to 9.5 meters in length and weight up to 10 tonnes; In general female dolphins are larger than the males which is known as sexual dimorphism.


Dolphins live in many of the worlds oceans and as a result they are highly adapted to living there, with streamlined bodies and flippers which can propel the mammal at speeds of up to 34 mph in the water. Speed is important because its prey also also fast. To be a successful hunter the dolphin has powerful a conical shaped jaw, sharp teeth and excellent hearing which is both adapted in the air and in water. Scientists have also discovered many blind dolphins still living the wild which indicates how well adapted their other senses are. As Dolphins live across the globe each species has made it’s own special adaptations, for example in cold water habitats some species have developed a thick layer of fatty blubber which is designed to keep them warm.


Most dolphins live in warm tropical water but, notably the whale dolphin prefers to live in cold water. Dolphins are predators and often hunt together in order to make a bigger catch, for the most part they feed on small creatures such as squid and fish however they are known to sometimes choose a diet like the killer whale which consists of seals and large mammals. Due to them being successful hunters the male dolphins will actually mate two times a year females however will only mate every two years or more which can most likely be attributed to the fact that all of the parenting responsibility is left to her. 


The Human population has a special appreciation for dolphins, despite this dolphin hunting does take place in the world, most notably in Japan where people often go “dolphin drive hunting”. Of course humans and dolphins often come into contact, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, marine pollution and bycatching is a big problem for dolphin populations.


This dolphin documentary gives the audience a truly unique insight into how these amazing creates live in the ocean. The professional cinematography shows the freedom, grace and compassion that they enjoy with amazing speed and manoeuvrability in a film that is still as relevant today as it was when it first released back in 1999.


Dolphin Facts:

  • Largest Dolphin is the Killer Whale Measuring which can grow up to 25 feet in length. 
  • The most common dolphin, the Bottlenose can live up to 40 years
  • The oldest living Dolphin the Orca which can live up to 80 years
  • One of the most intelligent Marine mammals
  • To conserve engergy Dolphins swim allongside ships, this known as bow-riding
  • Live in social groups which can be as many as 100


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