The Nazis: A Warning from History - documentary

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The Nazis: A Warning from History
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The Nazis: A Warning from History is a 1997 series examining the story of Adolf Hitler, the national socialists and their rise to power, supreme reign and fall. This landmark series written by Laurence Rees is one of the most in-depth nazi documentary programs ever made featuring many interviews with people who lived through world war 2. Everyone from Nazi soldiers, Russian soldiers, US soldiers, British soldiers, politicians and people who survived the horrors of The Holocaust provide their unique insight into this dark time in history and in some cases is the only time their story has been captured on film.


Episode guide:

  • Episode 1 - Helped into Power
  • Episode 2 17th Sep. 1997 - Chaos and Consent
  • Episode 3 24th Sep. 1997 - The Wrong War
  • Episode 4 1st Oct 1997 - The Wild East
  • Episode 5 8th Oct. 1997 - The Road to Treblinka
  • Episode 6 15th Oct. 1997 - Fighting to the End

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