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Prehistoric Park
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Prehistoric Park is a 2006 docu-fiction dinosaur series presented by British wildlife lover Nigel Marven.


The story which is stylised into documentary format follows Nigel as he uses a time machine to go back in time and collect dinosaurs and other extinct animals. Once he finds them they are brought back to the Prehistoric Park (which is a nature reserve) in order to give them a second chance instead of facing Extinction.


The animals are put in different locations of the park according to where they would be best suited. In the first episode, Nigel Tracks down two T-rex's, Ornithomimus, Triceratops and Nyctosaurus. In the second episode, a Mammoth is brought back. In the third various dino-birds. In the fourth a Sabre-Tooth Tigar. In the fifth various bugs and in the last episode various species of super croc.


A very interesting documentary for those of you who love Prehistoric animals.

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will thier be a part seven to Prehistoric Park

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