Secrets of Stonehenge - documentary

Secrets of Stonehenge
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A new 2017 NOVA Stonehenge documentary exploring one of the most mysterious and misunderstood monuments not only in the United Kingdom but the entire world. For thousands of years, people wondered what the meaning behind this prehistoric moment located in Wiltshire, England really is and how it was even constructed given the supposed limited resources of man over 5000 years ago. The main structure at the site is from the Neolithic period and is believed to have been constructed around 2500BC, however, there are other smaller but no the less fascinating structures created in the Mesolithic period between the years 7000 and 8500 BC, predating the large circular Stonehenge by at least 4500 years. Very little is known about these and what relationship they have with Stonehenge, there is no doubt that it’s not coincidental that both sites are located on the same part of an unassuming English landscape.


 Watch this Stonehenge documentary to discover fascinating information about the origins of this amazing creation that has stood the test of time.

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Gail Willumsen
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