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Oasis: Supersonic


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TRAILER – release date 24th October


“Oasis: Supersonic” is a documentary directed by Mat Whitecross (The Shock Doctrine 2009) about one of the most popular rock an roll bands in British history and most certainly of the 1990’s. Oasis formed in 1991 from an earlier group call the Rain and soon went on to produce iconic albums such as Definitely Maybe (1994) & (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995). This particular documentary which is due to be released on October 24th 2016 in the United States will give an in-depth look into the life of the band in its explosive early years and in particular the brother brother relationship centerpiece lineup of the group: Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher.


There were no bands that quite had the Oasis sound before them and while their music spoke to millions, internal problems constantly plagued the band ultimately leading to their final performance in 2009. Over eight years after they split Oasis still have a huge following who are eager to see them reform someday.

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Tabb939 months ago

V festival 2009 Stafford was the last performance not 2008



docur9 months ago

Yup, you are right :)