Our Queen At 90

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About the documentary Our Queen At 90

Presenter Queen Elizabeth II Category History Year 2016 Watch time 01:26:57

Our Queen at Ninety” A documentary about Queen Elizabeth The Second of England in celebration of her 90th birthday. Since her accession in 1952 she has been head of the commonwealth which includes a total of 53 countries and 2.1 billion people across six continents. She began her reign on the 6th February 1952 and still performing that duty at the age of 89 (she will be at 90 on 21st April 2016) which makes her oldest serving monarch, just exceeding Queen Victoria who was monarch for 63 years. Over this time she has given an audience to 12 prime ministers including Winston Churchill and Margret Thatcher.


Documentary film makers have been given unprecedented access to the Queen allowing us to see her at a more personal level from her charisma to her decision making. The film also features interviews with family members including Prince William, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton. As a result of such personal access the movie captures an unseen view of the monarch who is a great grandmother to eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. The monarchy and the queen are revealed like never before in the documentary the queen at 90.




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God save the queen!


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