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Fed Up
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The 2014 Fed Up documentary by American journalist Katie Couric investigates why childhood obesity has dramatically increased in recent years.


The film focuses on the American Food industry, it's lobbying power and why we should look at how we gain weight in a different way. The US dietary legislation overlooked the role that sugar has on our health when it was written more than 30 years ago and as a result food companies are allowed to put huge amounts of sugar in food. When you look at the facts surrounding obesity they make for grim reading as more and more younger people are expected to live much shorter lives as a direct result of a poor diet containing high fat a sugar content.


The troubling aspect of all this is the vested interests food companies have in providing sugary food & drink to children. Katie highlights more than 20 companies, industry leaders and politicians who refused to be questioned for the Fed Up movie.


Should there be a huge overhaul of what amount of sugar can be put into foods in the US? There are two sides to this argument, the first one, of course, being a free choice, however, things are not as simple as that as we see in the film.

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