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My Scientology Movie
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My scientology Movie is a documentary that many people have been waiting eagerly for since it was first announced more than 2 years ago. This film provides a unique insight into the world of scientology in an indirect manner since the Church would not allow Louis Theroux to record inside it as documentary journalism in general does not fit into the ethos of the religion.


More than 10 years ago Louis made a documentary about scientologists but it was never released after a number of legal letters forced him to scrap the footage. No matter what, Louis wanted to complete a film about the movement as for his style of journalism it is quite literally a holy grail so with the help of a former top ranking scientologist a reconstruction of life behind the scenes of the church is brought to life. While the authenticity of the footage is yet to be confirmed by the church of scientology one can be left in no doubt that Louis Theroux has a long history of honest, unbiased journalism spanning more than two decades.


My Scientology Movie seeks to illuminate the truth in a way that will captivate audiences with engaging, interesting and funny moments. You will be able to watch the movies in cinemas in the United Kingdom starting 10th October.


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john rated

Considering only a couple of people who have been in high positions within the church of scientology have come forward to tell their accounts of what happens behind the scenes, Louis has done a great job of putting together a doc about it.

Reviewed on November 01, 2016


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