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The God Who Wasn't There


The God Who Wasn't There is a 2005 documentary by Brian Flemming, which begins with asking a simple question; did Jesus exist?   To answer this Flemming examines the New Testament of the Bible in great detail as well as early earlier elements of Christianity. What Brian uncovers is un[...]

Exorcism: The Battle for Young Minds

2018 Unrated

Exorcism: The Battle for Young Minds, a 2018 BBC3 documentary in which Journalist Andrew Gold meets the famous exorcist Padre Manuel Acuña.   Acuña claims to be able to cure people of their possession by demons and evil spirits. He practices his cleansing rituals from his ho[...]

The Hidden Art of Islam

2012 Unrated

The Hidden Art of Islam, a 2012 documentary by British journalist Rageh Omaar exploring the cultural history of Islam through art.   Much of the artwork shown is located at the British Museum and paints a picture of the journey to Mecca, something forbidden to non-Muslims.

Ireland’s Secret Cults

2011 Unrated

Ireland’s Secret Cults is a 2011 Irish TV documentary which sees reporters Michael Ryan and Ciara Doherty lifting the lid on various secretive religious cults operating in Ireland,  the best known of which is of course Scientology. Ireland has always had a reputation as a highly[...]

The Lost Tomb Of Jesus


The Talpiot Tomb is a rock-cut tomb discovered in 1980 in the East Talpiot area of Jerusalem, just a few miles south of the Old City in Jerusalem. Included in the tomb was an inscribed epigraph interpreted as “Jesus, son of Joseph”, the tomb contained the remains of several humans. The d[...]

A History of Christianity


A six-part 2009 documentary series presented by Professor Diarmaid McCulloch, one of the worlds leading historians, it tells the story of the history of Christianity, explores what it means to be Christian in the modern day, and talks about what the future of Christianity may look like. Th[...]

My Hometown Fanatics

2013 Unrated

The town of Luton has become a hotbed of political and religious extremism, with numerous individuals from the local Muslim community having been convicted of terrorism offences and the political pressure group the English Defense League having been founded in the town by members of the Luton MIGS f[...]

Scientology and Me

2007 Unrated

Scientology and Me: BBC Panorama journalist John Sweeney travels to Los Angeles to investigate the highly secretive Church of Scientology and to determine whether the church was becoming more mainstream.   Sweeney rather inevitably finds it incredibly difficult to investigate the church a[...]



The 2008 Religulous documentary by American comedian and political commentator Bill Maher takes a look at the state of religion around the world.   Maher grew up in a religious family as his mother is Jewish and his father Catholic. Despite growing up with Catholicism he is very sceptical[...]

Evolution Vs. God


Evolution Vs. God, a 2013 documentary by New Zealand-based Christian minister Ray Comfort, within which he approaches several evolutionary scientists to talk about the Darwinian theory of life versus the belief of creationism in Christianity.   As a result of the topic, this film is one f[...]

Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple

2006 Unrated

Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple tells the story of the infamous mass-suicide of members of The Peoples Temple Christian Church on November 18th, 1978 in Guyana, a country in South America.   On that day 918 Christians in the religious cult led by Reverend James Warren &quo[...]

The Buddha


  The Buddha is the founding figure of Buddhism, a religion of traditions, ideas and spiritual practices. He is believed to have eastern part of ancient India sometime between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE.   This 2010 documentary film explores the history of this ancient fig[...]

The Bible Code


  “The Bible Code” documentary was first broadcast in 2003 and looks into the mysterious code which is supposedly hidden in the Christian book. Narration by actress Dilly Barlow.   Michael Drosnin is an American journalist and best selling author. He h[...]

The Root of All Evil?

2006 Unrated

  "The Root of All Evil?" takes a highly critical look at mainstream religions for their catalytic degradation of human society through terrorism and child abuse scandals.   Written by English evolutionary biologist, ethologist and atheist Richard Dawkins, this film pays[...]

180 Movie


180 The Movie is a 2011 activism documentary film directed and based on the book by New Zealand-based Christian minister Ray Comfort about the pro-life movement.   The film is a strong proponent of anti-abortion, to the extreme extent of making comparisons between abortion and the holocau[...]

The Arrivals

2015 Unrated

  The Arrivals gets the Docur award for the longest feature documentary. At 8 hours in length, this film is split into 50 chapters and covers the arrival of the antichrist Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi and the second coming of Christ.   To complete this analysis the Arrivals do[...]

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds


Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is a four-part documentary which explores the true nature of spiritual experiences in the context of theoretical and proven science.   Part 1 - Akasha, an Ancient Indian word meaning sky, or space. Thousands of years ago people believed the sky was the realm of[...]

The Case for Christ

2007 Unrated

The Case for Christ documentary is based on a 1998 book by atheist author Lee Strobel who tried to prove his wife's Christian faith.   To make the case Strobel interviewed a number of respectable scholars to find out whether the resurrection of Christ was actually true and if the[...]

Clash of the Gods


Clash of the Gods is a ten-part documentary series about the ancient Greek and Norse gods which dominated mythology for generations. They are tales of gods heroes and monsters possessing superpowers that mortals do not possess.   Episode 1 Zeus - This is a story of how Zeus led an ar[...]

The Children of God


This documentary is about the infamous The Children of God religious cult which was created in the late 1960’s by David Brandt Berg. In the 1994 film, we hear from a family who was once part of the cult how it was riddled with paedophilia, prostitution and sexual abuse to a[...]

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