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Evolution Vs. God
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Evolution Vs. God, a 2013 documentary by New Zealand-based Christian minister Ray Comfort, within which he approaches several evolutionary scientists to talk about the Darwinian theory of life versus the belief of creationism in Christianity.


As a result of the topic, this film is one filled with controversy but it is not something Ray Comfort is unfamiliar with. For he made the 180 Movie which strongly supports the pro-life movement that has the aim to completely abolish abortion.


Yes Comfort is a controversial character, to say the least, and many scientifically minded people will find his arguments frustrating. One of them is that scientists have never produced video footage of a fish evolving into an entirely different creature the way a pokémon does, from this he makes the assertion that evolution is unscientific, in there is no direct observations to support it.


Sometimes things are the case even if they can't be seen. I wonder what Ray will think when he gets a quantum computer in his hands?


Come to think of it, it's a little ironic making the point of evolutionary biology being unscientific because religion is based on faith and not necessarily having to see hard evidence.


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