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The Blind Watch Maker
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The Blind Watch Maker, a 1987 BBC Horizon documentary film within which English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins challenges the creationism theory.


This documentary is based on Dawkins' 1986 book titled "The Blind Watchmaker" which makes an explanation of evolution by natural selection; the book lends its name to the watermaker analogy which states that design implies that there must be an intelligent designer, a god. This argument is why Charles Darwin's theory of evolution caused such controversy because it made people really think of the possibility of there not being a god.


Modern science is disproving the idea of creation even further. And it basically comes down to Chaos Theory and ideas presented in the work of Mandelbrot.

Mandelbrot equation

This simple equation powers the Mandelbrot set. It's very straightforward yet it has one significant function; it repeats itself meaning it contains the mysteries of infinity. An equation like this could have been what made the entire universe, and that idea is both beautiful and frightening.


It would mean that there probably is a creator who is ingenious, yet really knows nothing about how our universe works because of infinite chaos (but would easily have the capability to study the universe in its entirety (including time)). The beginning is very simple yet once the equation has run for a while it is basically impossible, infinitely impossible to know where it started.

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