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Through Our Eyes

2017 Unrated

Jeremy Cook and Andrew Gonzalez interview collegiate professors, psychologists, authors, and Reverends of various religious orders to investigate the question between self and God. What they discover is much more than they had imagined.

The House of Jesus Documentary


A 2017 film that puts together evidence showing the house where Jesus potentially lived. This documentary has been placed under society since it is more related towards religion than anything else which is why it is not very well suited for the history section since it is not based on solid facts. T[...]

My Scientology Movie (preview)


My scientology Movie is a documentary that many people have been waiting eagerly for since it was first announced more than 2 years ago. This film provides a unique insight into the world of scientology in an indirect manner since the Church would not allow Louis Theroux to record inside it as docum[...]

Treasures of The Indus - Of Gods and Men

2016 Unrated

In the final episode of this BBC mini series, Sona Datta ends her tour of India by looking at the birth of Hinduism, from a highly intimate and personal relationship between people sharing common ideolgies to its modern day perception. She looks at the story through its acrhitecture and some of its[...]

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 3: Who is God?


In The Story of God With Morgan Freeman episode three, we explore the idea of who god might be.  Cultures around the world worship their religion in many different ways however they all agree that there is one overall force that created the universe. To investigate Morgan travels around the wor[...]

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 1: Beyond Death


Season 1 episode 1 of the documentary series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Is there life after death? This is a question that seems to be encoded in the human psyche, the idea that that you will move out of your current physical existence into another one. Firstly Morgan meets a man who ship[...]

Waco: The Rules of Engagement

1997 Unrated

Nominated for Best Documentary at the 1997 Academy Awards. The true story of the events at Waco, Texas 1993.  A controversial documentary about the stand-off between an unorthodox Christian group (the Branch Davidians, under the leadership of the young, charismatic David Koresh) and the FBI[...]

Jesus Camp


Jesus Camp follows a small group of evangelical Christian children who are being taught the word of the lord. evangelical Christians are devoted strictly to what the Bible says and from a very young age to give their lives in defense of the religion, that in their minds is 100% fact. This[...]

Panorama - The Secrets of Scientology

2015 Unrated

John Sweeney takes us inside the church of Scientology to discover some of its distrubing secrets that are being uncovered in this documentary for the very first time. With the help of fromer church spokesman Mike Rinder they examine some of the techniques used by the Church in order to at[...]

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief


A 2015 documentary feature based on the 2013 Lawrence Wright book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief. The film deconstructs various claims made by the church and explores various stories by ex-members, it also explores the relationship that various A-list Hollywood celebrit[...]

Inside the Church of Satan


An investigative documentary which looks into the controversial Church of satan. The Church of satan is a world wide organization LaVeyan Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. Joshua P. Warren takes us into this illusive world and gives an exclusive insight into the rituals and p[...]

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