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Jesus Camp
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Jesus Camp follows a small group of evangelical Christian children who are being taught the word of the lord. evangelical Christians are devoted strictly to what the Bible says and from a very young age to give their lives in defense of the religion, that in their minds is 100% fact. This is no doubt one of the more alarming documentaries of the last 10 years and shows that people believe creationism has all of the answers (Creationism may well be 100% true).


The main narrative of the movie shows the kids preparing to go to the summer camp “Kids on Fire” held at Devils lake, Wisconsin. At the camp Becky Fischer talks to the kids about how they should be living their lives if they are to be a true evangelical Christian and not a “sinner”. As they are all young children the advice they are given is upsetting and one child says how hard it is living a strict life under the rule of something he has never seen. However the children seem to soak up the messages that are given.


Jesus Camp is an Oscar-nominated documentary that does not filter out what is being taught to Christian children in America.

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