The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 1: Beyond Death

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About the The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 1: Beyond Death documentary

Presenter Morgan Freeman Category ConspiracyMystery Year 2016 Watch time 00:50:00

Season 1 episode 1 of the documentary series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Is there life after death? This is a question that seems to be encoded in the human psyche, the idea that that you will move out of your current physical existence into another one. Firstly Morgan meets a man who shipwrecked and drowned after spending fifteen minutes underwater, he explains that he moved into a infinite existence that was more compelling than anything he has ever witnessed in this realm, after surviving that experience he most certainly believes in something higher that we all go to when we die.


To investigate the story of god in human history Morgan Freeman visits religious monuments of ancient civilisations across the world from Egypt to south America. It becomes clear that while all religions have different rituals they all adhere to the same principal of worship whether that be the ancient Aztecs sacrificing in worship in the sun god of the Ancient Egyptians worshiping the gods of the afterlife, Osiris, Anubis, and Horus. A documentary that connects the past with the present like never before..




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the video is not available anymore!!



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