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My Hometown Fanatics
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The town of Luton has become a hotbed of political and religious extremism, with numerous individuals from the local Muslim community having been convicted of terrorism offences and the political pressure group the English Defense League having been founded in the town by members of the Luton MIGS football hooligan firm.


In My Hometown Fanatics (2013) the investigative journalist Stacey Dooley returns to her hometown to ascertain why it has obtained the title of the extremism capital of Britain, Dooley was born and raised in Luton and went to school with Tommy Robinson the EDL co-founder and former leader. She meets with members of the local Islamic community and with members of the white community, including EDL leaders, to try and answer the question “why is my hometown so divided?”.


This isn’t the first documentary made about the English Defense League, the first was Young, British and Angry (2010). Tommy Robinson who features in the film is no longer the leader of the organisation, watch the documentary When Tommy Met Mo (2013) for an insight into the journey that he took on the way to stepping down as the group's figurehead.

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