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The Battleplan documentaries provide an extensive insight into the strategies and tactics used in the art of war. The series produced by UKTV looks at major wars starting with World War 1 and examines in detail how some of the most famous battles were played out with insights from self-made experts on the subject. While the documentary looks at the principal tactics of war is also explores in depth to how those decisions were made, from weighing up how the enemy would respond, what the consequences of a victory may behold and deciding whether loses would be worth a victory.


The Battleplan documentary looks at wars from decades ago right through until the modern day providing an insight into how tactics have changed and utilised technology to achieve strategic goals, known widely as “modern warfare”. One subject it does not touch on enough is terrorism which has played a huge role in warfare in the last 10 years so it would be nice to see a follow-up to this series in light of recent developments of war.

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