Ray Mears - Australia: The Red Center - documentary

Ray Mears - Australia: The Red Center
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In this edition of Ray Mears Extreme Survival we visit The Red Centre of Australia which is close to Ayer’s Rock, Alias Ulura. To explore this extremely deadly but beautiful environment Ray joins the Pitjantjatjara, an aboriginal tribe consisting of more than 3500 people and occupying an area of more than one hundred thousand square kilometres. A vital means for survival in this extreme environment is to be able to stay hydrated and nourished, a skill that the Pitjantjatjara have mastered and passed down from generation to generation. Almost all extraction of material is done by gruelling labor in the hot sun and is almost all natural according to the “tjukurpa code”. In the Red centre documentary Ray Mears learns just what it takes to become an inhabitant of these seemingly inhospitable lands.

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