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Home (2009) is a feature length documentary which shows the immense diversity of life on planet Earth using wide angle shots from the international space station and filmed in over 50 countries using helicopter aerial shots. The documentary was created by French director and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand (b 1946), the film which originally had a working title of “boomerang” is the culmination of more than two years work to create something that gave the audience a view of Earth like never before when it was released.


In the struggle to try and get the world to take action on global warming and pollution in general the documentary Home has been a pioneer. The film is available around the world in many languages but it is primarily known as being narrated by American Theater Hall of Fame actress Glenn Close (101 Dalmatians).


In a world were we are using more energy than ever, documentaries such as this one deliver an important message of looking after the planet today and in the future. As one watches “Home” it becomes clear how unique and special the Earth is.

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