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Science And Islam
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Educator, professor and documentary film guru Jim Al-Khalili explains the fascinating history of science and Islam in this feature-length documentary. To begin this journey you have to go back a very long time to the 8th century where the language of science was born in Syria, Iran, Tunisia and Spain. It’s a largely untold story, never-the-less it was a huge leap forward for human thinking and leaves a legacy in the form of things we take for granted in modern math and science such as an algebra which computers and chemistry rely on.


Arguably ancient Islam was responsible for some of the most useful discoveries in science and this is why Jim Al-Khalili decided to make this documentary. Not only that, Jim was born in Bagdad making it a personal journey through his ancestral heritage. “Science And Islam” was first shown in 2009; the documentary reveals a culture that was outward-looking and overcoming remarkable, yet tangible problems.

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Jim Al-Khalili
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