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The Dark Ages: An Age of Light
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A four-part documentary series looking into the art of the Dark Ages created and presented by Brtish art critic Waldemar Januszczak.


Episode one: The Clash of the Gods - An investigation of how Christianity merged into the Roman empire to influence its artwork during the third and fourth centuries.


Episode two: What the Barbarians Did for Us - One of the leading theories is that barbarians brought on the collapse of the Roman empire hower Januszczak disagrees with this notion and shows their civilization was awash with beautiful artwork.


Episode three: The Wonder of Islam - After the collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages saw the rise of Islam along with Christianity. Islam moved from the East, though North African and then into Europe. Initially, no artwork based on the religion existed however over time it developed with the construction of mosques.


Episode four: The Men of the North - The final episode Waldemar looks at the amazing craftsmanship of the Vikings.

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