christianity Documentaries

The God Who Wasn't There

2005 Unrated

The God Who Wasn't There is a 2005 documentary by Brian Flemming, which begins with asking a simple question; did Jesus exist?   To answer this Flemming examines the New Testament of the Bible in great detail as well as early earlier elements of Christianity. What Brian uncovers is un[...]

Mysteries of the Bible

1994 Unrated

  Mysteries of the Bible takes us on a journey through some significant events which are depicted in the Bible.   This documentary series narrated by American actor Richard Kiley was first released in 1994 and ran until 1998. It captures the rich history which is described in the[...]

The Dark Ages: An Age of Light

2012 Unrated

A four-part documentary series looking into the art of the Dark Ages created and presented by Brtish art critic Waldemar Januszczak.   Episode one: The Clash of the Gods - An investigation of how Christianity merged into the Roman empire to influence its artwork during the third and fourt[...]

The Case for Christ

2007 Unrated

The Case for Christ documentary is based on a 1998 book by atheist author Lee Strobel who tried to prove his wife's Christian faith.   To make the case Strobel interviewed a number of respectable scholars to find out whether the resurrection of Christ was actually true and if the[...]

Jesus Camp


Jesus Camp follows a small group of evangelical Christian children who are being taught the word of the lord. evangelical Christians are devoted strictly to what the Bible says and from a very young age to give their lives in defense of the religion, that in their minds is 100% fact. This[...]

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